Striving for Zero Waste

Striving for Zero Waste

Textile production is inherently wasteful. There are scraps, bits and ends in every step of the process. In my production process, I am working towards zero waste. It is easy to CLAIM zero waste, but to actually live it is another thing! The methods I'm using right now bring value to my making experience and they aren't a burden. Some of my fabric and dyes are imported, and I can't confirm what kind of waste those factories are producing. Keep an eye out for future blog posts about my journey in reducing production waste. 

Yarn Jars

I learned this amazing trick from Yvette at the Art Factory in Aptos, CA when I taught there. All of my small thread waste is contained in jars to create mini decorative pieces. Every single one is unique and brings happiness to any room.

Thread jars. Decorative jars made from thread waste.

Loom waste Earrings

In weaving there is always waste at the beginning and end. This is because the threads have to be tied onto the front of the loom, and there is a point at which the threads at the back of the loom will no longer pass through the heddles. I've been using this loom waste for many things since I started weaving, but it currently is used for my fringe earrings. 

Fringe earrings with silk thread and brass.
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