• Fabrics rinsing in a bucket. Dyepot. Cochineal. Transparency about dye materials and what natural dye means.

    Natural Dyes

    All of my textiles are dyed with biodegradable material. I use plants and insects to create rich color. Some of these materials are grown in my backyard and others come from around the world.

  • Textile design table with patterned fabrics and a scissors. Making luxury accessories and home goods. Designing textiles. Silk painting. Hand dyeing.

    Plant & Protein Fabrics

    My textiles are all silk, cotton, wool and linen. Look no further for luxury and health. These fabrics have it all: gorgeous, non-toxic, renewable resources and biodegradable materials.

  • Luxury accessories made from natural materials and dyed with plants.Hand dyed silk scarf with statement red tassel earrings in silk. Indigo dyed pouch.

    Waste Awareness

    As a maker, I am always contributing to the overwhelming amount of STUFF on the planet. By using biodegradable materials and repurposing scrap material I am working my way toward zero waste.

  • Luxury silk scarf for wedding accessory and bridesmaid accessory.

    Water Conservation

    Textile dyes require A LOT of water and in Colorado, water is one of our most precious resources. In 2022, my goal is to reduce water use in my production process. Stay tuned to see this process evolve.

Carrie Miller

Every fun adventure has an epic beginning. Carrie's starts with a barn and a Christmas stocking. Don't miss this one.

Get to know the artist, maker, wild child behind the scenes.

Meet the Maker
Farmer's market booth, holiday market, textiles at the market, luxury accessories and home goods, wedding accessories, naturally dyed, painted silk.

At the Market

Find me at the market most weekends. I love meeting my customers!

2023 Market Schedule

  • Vail Farmer's Market- Sundays June-Oct

Real-time Process on IG

I love sharing my work and the constant evolution of the production and making process with you.