Colorful hand-dyed scarf collection for wedding accessories and gifts.

Why Care is Crucial

Natural dyes have a bad reputation when it comes to longevity. It's an unfair assumption based on experiences with badly set dyes or poor care practices. With proper care, my natural dyes will last for years. Read carefully below for specific directions for each product.

Take Care

Silk Scarves

Hand wash in cool water with a drop of gentle detergent. Hang to dry or machine dry on the delicate cycle. Steam or press with a warm iron.


Handwoven & silk pillow covers should be handwashed in room temperature water with a mild soap such as Dawn. Hang to dry and iron on medium heat setting if needed.

Cotton Bandanas & Napkins

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry on delicate cycle. Iron on cotton setting with steam.

Clutch Purses & Scrunchies

Spot-clean with mild stain remover or hand wash in cool water. Hang to dry. Iron on medium-high heat using the steam setting if needed.

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